The world's No1 Carburettor Jetting and Kart setup software!

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The world's No1 Carburettor Jetting and Kart setup software!


The Jet-Tech application was originally developed for the sole use of Jet-Tech Motorsport in the UK and Europe when Rotax first introduced the FR125 ‘MAX’ engine. It was obvious that in a ‘commercial’ class, with rules limiting the tuning and adjustments that could be carried out, any performance gains were only going to come from developing the carburetion and correctly setting it up each and every time. Jetting the carburettor correctly was only part of the story and selecting the right combination of Main Jet, Needle, Needle Clip Position, Pilot/Idle Jets, Needle Jet, Floats, Venturi and Plug were all critical in ensuring that the engines performed at their maximum potential.



Lloyd Savage – our test driver and multiple Championship Winner                

Thousands of Karting professionals, in over 70 countries around the world, are using Jet-Tech to gain the competitive edge!


Creating a software program that properly modelled the way in which the Dell'Orto carburettor worked would allow Jet-Tech Motorsport to save valuable time and costs by providing an instant carburettor configuration for the prevailing conditions and allow the team to focus on setting up the chassis’ (and the drivers!).


Over a period of six years, the application was tested and used throughout the UK and Europe. The enormous amount of testing and racing enabled Jet-Tech Motorsport to further develop and refine the software.


We also looked closely at other products on the market world-wide and realised that they were limited by a number of inherent inaccuracies in the way in which they made their calculations. Some were fundamentally flawed and as a result, if they worked at all, were not capable of providing consistently accurate information to the user.

Jet-Tech products are the only products in our market to offer a level of accuracy to within 0.299%.

After years of continuous development and testing, in 2003 the decision was made to market the product globally and for the first time, people other than Jet-Tech Motorsport had access to it. It became an instant success.


Using sound data obtained from carburettor manufactures and our own continual testing in race conditions, further enhancements were made to the original product with the addition of jetting for fixed-jet carburettors, a needle analysis and comparison function and chassis set-up recording. The product became Jet-Tech PRO and was quickly in demand in the United Kingdom, throughout Europe, Australia, the US and Canada.


New products using the Jet-Tech PRO software Dynamic Simulation Model© were developed and these included Jet-Tech MAX, Jet-Tech RoK and Jet-Tech ICC. In 2006 we introduced new products under the Jet-Tech ‘Moto’ banner. These products were the first in a new family of products for the ‘Moto’ or ‘Stock Moto’ classes popular in the USA. We currently offer Moto products covering the Keihin PWK and PWM carbs and Jet-Tech TMX which covers the Mikuni TMX carb.

Testing in extreme conditions is not unusual!

The development of new products and enhancement of our existing portfolio will continue. We are committed to development.



In recent years we have introduced a range of hardware products that compliment our software portfolio. Firstly we designed and specified a new weather station that would would give highly accurate readings. The Jet-Tech Weather Pro weather station is 10 times more accurate that similar weather stations in its class. Other products include the Jet-Tech Fuel Prep - the only way to race-prepare your fuel, the Jet-Tech Race Meter - which combines an F1-grade tyre pyrometer with a fully functional electrical meter, the Jet-Tech T-Spy 'palm-sized' infrared thermometer, the Jet-Tech Oil-Prep which enables you to measure your 2-stroke oil with precision and our latest addition, the Jet-Tech Fuel-Test Kit which includes a hydrometer to measure the specific gravity of your fuel. receives in excess of 125,000 hits per month and this in turn generates significant enquiries and sales. This activity has increased every month and is still increasing. We believe that providing best-of-breed products that genuinely benefit our customers and provide a real return on their investment, together with an exceptional level of service and support, is critical to our success as a business and world-wide brand.

With enquiries and sales from around the globe, our business is enjoying sustainable growth, allowing us to invest in future developments and new products. We believe that if we are to continue to develop the brand and maintain our reputation for quality products and service, we need to establish relationships that offer our products at a local level.

Through a network of Authorised Development Partners and Authorised Dealers around the world, we will achieve even wider exposure for the Jet-Tech product portfolio and substantially increase service to our global Karting community.



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