The world's No1 Carburettor Jetting and Kart setup software!

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The world's No1 Carburettor Jetting and Kart setup software!


Thank you for your valuable comments. Feedback is very important to us. Here are some recent comments from Jet-Tech users. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our products, please drop us a line at: info @


What do our customers say?....check out some of the comments below!

"I was just astounded at how well my kart ran Sunday after using your software at the weekend!" L.R UK

"I want to thank Jet-Tech for an excellent product with equal support." B.H USA

“This program is great!!!! I have only 2 years of racing exp and by using Jet-Tech only twice it has helped tremendously and by studying the library it has taught me more about my kart than I've learned in those 2 years.” J.S USA

“I recently bought the Jet-Tech tuning program and I'm very pleased with it.” R.M USA

“My son has only been in karting for a few years, but I have spent money on items that I wished I never purchased. We are new to Rotax as of this season. I recently installed the Jet-Tech software wondering if it was going to be a bust like some of the other items I purchased. I have to say that I have been impressed with it……I would recommend this software not only to rookies, but people that have been in karting for a long time…This software takes the time required out of at least one major area so it was well worth the investment from my perspective. If you take some time to learn how the software works and what it wants for input it will provide accurate data back to you.” E.K USA

I would like to thank John for his quick & expert advice in solving my problem Very Happy  & would thoroughly recommend Jet-Tech to any one racing karts Smile B.S USA

"I am very impressed by what you do and the accuracy to which you do it to,....Jet-Tech being the only bit of accurate equipment i have," A.S UK

“Having just purchased Jet-Tech i cant recommend it enough!!! We are new to minimax this year having started karting in the middle of last summer. With a test session it is dialled in to our engine. It then takes 2mins to set up at the track so we can spend the rest of the time playing with the chassis and tyres!!! Best money i have spent in karting yet, period!” M.W UK

“I purchased Jet Tech and we are very pleased with the accuracy. We had problems getting it installed on a windows 7 platform but Colin was very helpful and even called long distance and spent a lot of time helping me out. I can't say enough good things about the customer service I received.” J.S USA/Canada

"Get the Jet-Tech " T.B USA

“Thx for your great software. Without that we would have been totally lost.” E.V.Z Dakar

"I have the Jet Tech software and it has been fantastic." S.C USA

“The contact I have had with them has always been great and I have the Pro version and have used it for Rotax,KZ2 and International and it is awesome.” R.T USA

"Firstly I would like to thank you for providing us this great software that we had experienced over the weekend. At first we were a little hesitant to try to change the current settings we had and been running faultlessly (which was a main jet 185 and the spark plug looked great) where your software managed to convince me in replacing it with a 168 main Jet.. Wow what a difference it made  ;-)  and yet it managed to still maintain the colour on the plug and took 300 10ths off my time and very responsive  ;-)  Thank You." D.O - Australia

"I have the Jet Tech software and it has been fantastic. As far as I can tell it has been spot on in accuracy too." S.C USA

"I purchased Jet Tech and we are very pleased with the accuracy. I can't say enough good things about the customer service I received." J.S USA

"I have both systems; in my experience Jet Tech has been more accurate. If you buy the Pro version, it has some great additional features. The kart setup and analysis are well worth the extra cost." J.E USA

"I'm running Jet-Tech with my Senior Max, not only does it help you get your jetting right without having to test it on the track, it also taught me to understand how to jet a kart. It comes with all the videos, and documentation you could ever need for carburettors." N.C South Africa

"The suggestions I have had from the application has been that reliable that we could dedicate our time to the chassis instead of wasting time on main jet experiments." JB - Sweden

“And yea I’m plugging JET TECH PRO!!!!!! Cos JET TECH PRO is IMMENSE! I instantly found 0.60 seconds in my engine using the jetting section! and the chassis setup module and tyre temperature analysis gained me another 0.2 seconds! Love it!” NW - UK

"It's the only thing that works correctly. Everthing else I've tried is inaccurate.....Well worth putting on your laptop." AR- UK

"On the MAX fantastic. Very, very happy with the product and would recommend it to anybody" PT - Spain

"Jet-Tech ICC software, for me, has proved absolutely invaluable!!...Not only is it a useful tool, it really does help understanding of jetting theories (or at least, it has for us) I would highly recommend it!" MG - UK

"Have used it for a few years now and find it accurate and so easy to use and no guess-work! Well worth the investment in my view!" RT - NZ

"Get the Jet-Tech PRO then you've got the best and won't regret not getting the top of the range when you see someone else's. It's not much more than a set of tyres and it'll last a blooming sight longer. Think of it this way. If you don't buy it, then the set of tyres you buy are a waste because you won't get the best out of your equipment. It'll last for years and when you equate it out, it's minimal (cost)." ARR - UK

"I bought it and it works. Simple as that. I've tried the spreadsheets, graphs, and some other products but they're all *****. Jet-Tech is the only thing that works and you don't get ripped off for updates or premium-rate support."  P.S - UK.

"As a satisfied customer ..., let me say that we use the Jet-Tech Max for both of our Junior karts (four engines/carbs) as well as my Senior. We will be up grading to the Pro software in order to comprehend our TAG set-up as well. You will not be disappointed." RG - US

"..I bought a copy of Jet Tech Pro last year. You may be pleased to know that it is great success. I have tried other settings, based around what the software has provided for the conditions but have found out that I have to trust it impeccably. Two class wins this year so far in the first two openers of the season with performance which I struggled to get anywhere near last year before using the software." JF - UK

"Used your fuel prep, very impressed, even filled it with water to test, As they say, It does what it says on the tin!!"  JW - UK

"I have been using another product for three years now, and always found it to be a few jets out. I'm now experimenting with Jet-Tech, and I thoroughly recommend anyone to think seriously about how valuable this is. With the other product I was left on my own to work out how to adjust for my engine and track. We run in high temperatures in the Middle East (up to about 45 degrees C in summer, and as low as 21 in winter) so we have very different jetting needs to running in Europe or UK. From my experience with Jet-Tech it is proving to be more flexible, more accurate and easier to understand than the other product I have been used to for so long. The help files are particularly useful, outlining exactly why things change. If you haven't tried it, then maybe it is time to give it a try now....." KS - Dubai

"The racing has been brilliant thus far !! With the program I have been able to tune the jetting closer to stoich. Plug and EGT readings have been dramatically consistent, thus making the drive and response more race competitive and reliable session after session.....I thought I had a good jetting guideline before... now the bar has definitely leaped in my tuning." KI - USA

"Here’s the best bit.....We WON our first final in two years and your software must have been a big contributing factor because the engine was sweet, smooth and powerful and the conditions were not that different to when we were running the 170 jet! We did what the software indicated and had power everywhere through the band. The plug change advice from the settings was also noticeable in the performance. Our friend who was running with another 'popular' program suffered all day with popping on short straights and changed everything they could think of like power valve, pump, carb, plug and couldn’t cure it! The scruts pulled our engine to pieces after because my son had never done that well before and looked especially at our carb!!! All was as it should be. He even got praise from the CoC about how well he went. We had consistent laps within 100ths of a second and I think it was the best our engine had ever run." AR - UK

"It's worth every penny. To be honest their isn't a more adaptable bit of software available. Also it does so much more than just jetting!" SM, UK

"I have Jet-Tech PWK software and it is very accurate, fast and easy. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their jetting spot on! MS - USA

"Thank you for an excellent product!! We've used most other jetting software and datasheets but have never been happy with the accuracy of them. In fact all of them were always at least two or three jets out (useless) so we were a bit sceptical if yours would be any better! However, we did our first complete race meeting last weekend, using Jet-Tech in some pretty odd weather conditions and relied on the settings that Jet-Tech gave us. FANTASTIC! The software was bang on every time and we found the needle setting it provided gave us better performance in the slower corners. We're going testing soon and will use the software to help us experiment with different carb setups - something we would never have done before because we didn't know how! Thanks again for a superb product!" PM - Canada

"I want to report that, after installation, the first use of Jet-Tech was for a day when the temperature was near zero Celsius (2.5-5.5) and the RH was 99%, the setting given was perfect and worked throughout the day. Some of my competitors were on one jet higher, but mine gave no popping and with the wet day, the partial throttle delivery was key and the power was there." DF - England

"Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the software. We used it at Shenington for the first time at the weekend and it made an amazing difference......My son said the engine performed better in all aspects and this was clearly visible watching from the side. It has taken the guesswork out of the jetting and allows us to focus more on the chassis set up and driving lines.....All I can say is that it was definitely money well spent." RH - England.

"One of the interesting features is that you can set it up for your particular engine and you can set profiles for more than one engine. It's full of useful little bits as well, some I've seen before but for a newbie it's very useful. The nice thing is it's all on one CD so you don't have to go hunting around for gearing charts etc. The software acknowledges that all engines are different and explains how to deal with that. I've used various other software and been disappointed with the results but this works!" RR - UK

"I would like to say a very big thank you it works fantastic....the engine has never gone so well we had to reset the kart to cope with the extra power.....What the program said to set it at I would have never done but it works as you can see from the results." TC, England

"We have used your software during the race last Saturday and came to very good results. We could compare the outcome of the program with other software, such as CarbConfig and MaxJet/RaceJet. The readings were totally different every time we measured with the different applications, but as said before, we achieved the best results on the track with Jet-Tech." ES - Netherlands.

"I race Formula Blue (with a Tillotson Carb) and found that I have never had any carb problems since using Jet-Tech. No need to adjust jets on the go as Jet-Tech gets it correct first time." DH - Scotland

"Great program already! The update with the tyre temp data looks great too. Thanks guys" IT, Australia

"I just wanted to formally say ‘Thank You Very Much’ for a great product and for the first class support .I have received. I have no doubt I chose the right product within a difficult market. I am so pleased and looking forward to our next race." JF - England

I'm glad that I bought Jet-Tech it really works well. It takes a lot of trouble off my mind during a race weekend." RdeW - Netherlands

"We have a program (Jet-Tech PRO) and I swear by it…..I suggest you get it, best $$ I have ever spent for my Kart." D.O, Australia



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