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Jet-Tech Dealer Area

Welcome to the Jet-Tech Dealer Area

In this section we provide you with additional information that you may find useful!

Got an idea or suggestion? We're constantly looking to improve our products and welcome any/all suggestions and feedback that you may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us using the general Contact form or emailing us directly at:


Dealer Resources


Product Information

Copy and paste these links in the appropriate places on your website such as Jet-Tech product logos/buttons etc. Linking to the pdf documents rather than hosting them yourself, ensures that they will always be up to date.


Jet-Tech PRO Product Overview .Link:
Jet-Tech MAX Product Overview .Link:
Jet-Tech ICC Product Overview .Link:
Jet-Tech RoK Product Overview .Link:
Jet-Tech PWM Product Overview .Link:
Jet-Tech PWK Product Overview .Link:
Jet-Tech TMX Product Overview .Link:
Jet-Tech Kart SetUp Product Overview .Link:

Jet-Tech Logos

The file contains individual product buttons and the plain Jet-Tech logo. These may be re-sized to suit your own website only. They may not be modified in any other way.

  Jet-Tech Logos and buttons (.zip file)

Jet-Tech Logos





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Help & Instructions

How do I access the Jet-Tech HELP pages?


How do I open the Jet-Tech HELP pages?


Each Jet-Tech screen has a corresponding Help page. To open the Help page for the screen that you have in front of you, simply click on the '?' in the corner of the screen or press 'F1' on your computer keyboard.


The  Jet-Tech Help pages open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download it from Adobe Here.



Error Messages

Needle Design Error

This is a unique feature of Jet-Tech software that ensures you have the correct needle profile for the weather conditions and the setup of your carburettor.

The software will notify you if the weather conditions require a needle clip position outside of the physical limitations of your chosen needle - the Needle Design Error message. There are a few things you can do to bring the setting to within the scope of your choice of needle. The document below explains what happens and what you can do to remedy it.


Jet-Tech Needle Design Error 


Illegal Copy Error


Please note: Each installation and activation of Jet-Tech is unique. Each installation generates a unique encrypted keycode which in turn, requires a unique password file to activate the software.

Your old PasswordFile will not activate a new installation.

In 99.9% of cases installation of Jet-Tech Software should be seamless if the instructions on the "Installation" video and/or instructions in the Help files are followed correctly. However if an 'illegal software' or 'illegal copy' message is displayed then the following may be of help:

Jet-Tech 'illegal software' or 'illegal copy' Error message 


Problems opening Help pages in Adobe Acrobat Reader

If the Jet-Tech HELP pages don’t open with Acrobat v10+ then you need to change the Adobe Reader settings as follows:

1. Open Acrobat Reader.
2. Select EDIT, then PREFERENCES
3. Select the GENERAL tab and then un-checkEnable Protected Mode at Start-Up
4. Close Acrobat Reader

Open Jet-Tech and then click on the '?' in the corner or press 'F1' on your computer keyboard and the help pages should open in Acrobat Reader without any further problems.



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