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How does Jet-Tech Work?


Jet-Tech Dynamic Simulation Model

We believe that we have the best products available on the market, world-wide! A bold claim but one we can support and, if you have a look at the customer comments on our website, a claim that is supported by our customers too!

We have achieved this by using a Dynamic Simulation Model to precisely model how the single-choke and diaphragm carburettors work and by incorporating a unique calibration facility into all versions of Jet-Tech software. Unlike other products on the market, Jet-Tech uses its unique calibration to exactly match your individual engine/carb/exhaust combination and setup.


Whilst manufacturers quote a 'standard' spec for engines, and especially sealed racing engines such as the Rotax FR125 MAX, the fact is that no two engines are the same. In the case of the MAX if you were to dyno them, although the power would be within a small margin similar, the characteristics of each engine will be quite different. You are unlikely to ever find two engines, for the same given spec that will use the same jetting and needle clip position throughout the throttle range.


So, how do other vendors compensate for this? Other products on the market provide an 'adjustment' to 'correct' the jetting information that they provide. This isn't to compensate for different engine/carb combinations and individual characteristics but to compensate for the inherent inaccuracies in their products calculations. Many products use a straight-line correlation between the jet and needle clip position ie. starting with say a 165 jet at clip 4, as the weather requires a change in setting, they will step up through clip 3, clip 2, clip 1 (or down) then to the next jet size at clip 4, 3, 2, 1 etc. Put simply, the Dell'Orto carb just doesn't work like that so even if an optimum setting is achieved, as the weather changes from that setting, the error will be magnified. Some of the other products on the market don't even take into account the different float weights, float height setting and idle/pilot jet combinations etc that may be used.

Another factor that reduces accuracy is the reliance on un-calibrated barometers. These are commercially produced items which have a tolerance and as a result, 'out of the box' don't provide a level of accuracy for our purpose. Jet-Tech has a unique and copyright feature to enable you to calibrate your barometer accurately, allowing for altitude and pressure variations. The software uses data from internationally certified weather monitoring and meteorological organisations to establish the correct altitude and pressure. It then relates this to your barometer reading (taking in to account altitude at the location of calibration) and then compensates for any discrepancy (tolerance) in your barometer.

These unique features together with other things, that we don't reveal for commercial reasons, enable us to achieve an accuracy of within 0.299%. No other vendor does or can claim this level of accuracy.

Jet-Tech has been developed over a period of 12 years and during that time, we have carried out extensive testing in real race conditions, at sea-level and high altitudes and fairly extreme weather! We are also fortunate to have customers all over the world and have found that Jet-Tech continues to be the most accurate program available. The core processing 'engine' - the Jet-Tech Dynamic Simulation Model - is used in all of our jetting software products.



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