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Carburettor Jetting Software for the IAME Gazelle 60cc UK Cadet
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IAME Gazelle 60cc UK Jetting - The ultimate application for all serious UK MSA Cadet competitors.
Covers the Tillotson HL394A carburettor supplied with the IAME Gazelle 60cc UK Cadet engine, providing the correct jet settings, pop-off pressures and spark plug type required.
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Jet-Tech Weather Pro weather station
Manufactured to our exacting specifications - the perfect unit to use with IAME Gazelle 60cc UK Jetting software.
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Jet-Tech Professional Fuel Test Kit
The Jet-Tech Professional Fuel Test Kit is the most accurate way to measure the density of your Fuel Mixture.
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Jet-Tech Fuel-Prep
Stops all Water, Dirt and Contaminates getting into your fuel system.
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Jet-Tech Oil-Prep
For precisely measuring the volume of 2-stroke oil to add to your fuel.
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