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Jet-Tech Software Updates

***Please read the following before downloading and installing your Jet-Tech Update.***


These updates only apply to existing Jet-Tech installations.

Please Note: If your existing product was purchased before July 2007, you may need to re-install the complete program. Please contact us here for instructions before you attempt to update.  

Before you download and install the software update, we would strongly recommend that you have updated your Microsoft Windows operating system to ensure that it is at the latest revision and service level. To ensure that your Windows installation is up to date, go to the Microsoft website to download any Service Packs and Updates. You can access these from:

In addition, we would recommend that you download and install a small program called "Eusing Free Registry Cleaner", which will check and clean up the Windows Registry. Once you have installed any Microsoft updates, it will be worth installing this program and running it. Registry errors are not unusual and can cause your machine to run slowly. In addition, missing or corrupt .dll files can cause problems when installing new applications. We use this at least once or twice a week - you'd be surprised at how may registry errors your machine can have and still run! If nothing else, it will keep your machine running smoothly!

The program can be downloaded from here:


Jet-Tech Update Installation

These files will update your existing copy of Jet-Tech without the need for a new password. Please close all applications including Jet-Tech before downloading and installing the update.

Please ensure that if you are logged into Windows with full 'Administrator' rights before you download and install this update. After the installation is complete you do not require 'Administrator Rights' to use the application but you must log in with the same user name to open/run the application. If you install the application but then open Windows with a different user login, the application will not run.

Please disable your Firewall/Anti-Virus software and close all other programs (including those that run in the background such as Skype, MSN etc) before running the installation.

When you download the update, unzip it and run the installation, following the on-screen instructions carefully.

Help & Support.

The instructions and 'Help' files for all Jet-Tech software are accessed by pressing F1 or the '?' in the corner of the Jet-Tech screen. We are continually looking to improve all versions of Jet-Tech software. We strongly advise you to read the Help files to familiarise yourself with these updates and refresh your knowledge of your software!

If you have any questions regarding Jet-Tech, barometer calibration etc, please first consult the installation and setup Video Tutorials and check out the FAQ's and product pages on 

Should you require technical support, please use the form on our website (select 'Support' from the main menu on the home page). Please include as much detail as possible. By using the support form, it helps us to track your request and understand the current configuration of your machine.


Jet-Tech Software Update Download

Please select your product from the list below



Click on the button to Update to Jet-Tech PRO v17.7 Build1 April 2013

** Please Note. Before downloading and running this update, there must be a folder on your Windows Desktop called:

JetTech BackUp. If the folder does not exist then you must create it. To create the folder:

1. Right-click with your mouse button on your Windows Desktop.

2. From the menu, select "New" then "Folder"

3. Rename the folder by typing JetTech BackUp (case sensitive and with a space between 'JetTech' and 'BackUp').


Click on the button to Update to Jet-Tech MAX v2.7 Build1 November 2013

** Please Note. This latest update will change the current values in Jet-Tech MAX so you will need to fine-tune the software to match your own unique engine/carburettor/exhaust. Full details are in the 'Help' pages but if you have any concerns, please contact us here.

Click on the button to Update to Jet-Tech ICC v2.5b

Click on the button to Update to Jet-Tech RoK v2.6a


NB. This update does not apply to v2.5. Please contact us HERE to Update to Jet-Tech RoK v2.6a if your installed version is currently v2.5 or earlier.

Click on the button to Update to Jet-Tech PWM v2.7

Click on the button to Update to Jet-Tech PWK v1.4

Click on the button to Update to Jet-Tech TMX v1.3i(NR)

Click on the button to Update to Jet-Tech Kart SetUp v1.2c B5 October 2012



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