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What Do I Need?

The following matrix should help you to select the right product. For example: If you are racing in one of the Rotax MAX classes, using the Dell'Orto VHSB34 carburettor, you can use either Jet-Tech PRO or Jet-Tech MAX.


If your class of racing is not listed, are unsure or need further information, please contact us. We have products that cover virtually all classes of Kart racing. In addition to the software you will need a suitable Weather Station. Please see Hardware for details of our full range of complementary products.


For the IAME Gazelle 60cc UK Cadet engine/Tillotson 394A carburettor, please go Here


Class Carburettor Jet-Tech PRO Jet-Tech MAX Jet-Tech ICC Jet-Tech RoK Jet-Tech PWK Jet-Tech PWM Jet-Tech TMX
Rotax MAX Dell'Orto VHSB34          
KZ/ICC Dell'Orto VHSH          
KF Trytron F3            
Vortex RoK Dell'Orto VHSH          
Vortex RoK Mini Dell'Orto PHBG            
TaG (Rotax MAX) Dell'Orto VHSB34          
TaG (Dell'Orto) Dell'Orto              
TaG (Diaphragm) All              
Stock Moto Keihin PWK            
Stock Moto Keihin PWM            
Stock Moto Mikuni TMX            
Cadet (Comer) Trytron ZC001            
WTP WTP              
KGB Tryton  HB-27            
Easykart Tillotson HL384A/B            
Yamaha Walbro WB            
TKM 2/ Walbro WB19            
TKM 4/ Dell'Orto PHBH28F            
250 Dell'Orto              
Biland/Swiss Auto Dell'Orto PHF30            





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